Corporate Immigration

Our professional immigration services address the legal requirements necessary to satisfy the needs of corporate clients across the globe. We manage the complete immigration process, from handling the migratory logistics of each particular case to processing all legal and administrative documentation for departure and arrival countries. Our immigration consulting for corporations includes a deep understanding of country-by-country labor laws and other requirements that can affect an employee's terms of entry or ability to work in a particular country, as well as the corporation's compliance with particular laws in each country.

We offer full-service immigration services as well as services that can be contracted independently. Our extensive experience with immigration means that issues can be anticipated ahead of time, resulting in expedient and cost-effective solutions for a wide range of clients. For more information about our corporate relocation and immigration services, find our location nearest you or contact us online.

As an added value to our services support systems which allows corporate clients and transferees to monitor cases in real time, control details of each case, keep track of expiring documents, and request services or changes on the spot. Accessible from any place, we've designed the software with convenience and usability in mind.

Destination Services

  1. Logistics of specific immigration situations
  2. Obtaining Residence and Work Permits
  3. Handling requests for identification documents and drivers permits
  4. Obtaining Residence Permits for spouses or family groups
  5. Registration at the municipality or at other governmental entitie

Origin Services

  1. Preparation of Consular Folders
  2. Processing of Work and Residence Visas
  3. Consular Assistance

Additional Services

  1. Procurement of Documents
  2. Marriage Certificates
  3. Birth Certificates
  4. Police Records
  5. Certification of Studies
  6. Preparation of Documents
  7. Translations
  8. Notarizations
  9. Legalizations
  10. Apostilles
  11. Processing of Temporary Visas
  12. Homologation of Academic Titles
  13. Registration for Social Security
  14. Registration with fiscal authorities
  15. Assistance with obtaining Health Cards
  16. Renewal of Legal and Personal Documents
  17. Travel Authorization Documents
  18. Program of Dual Careers - Spouses
  19. Status change from Residence to Work
  20. Assistance processing identification documents